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Workout Playlist

Everybody - Shinee
Everybody - Backstreet Boys
This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
Put Your Back Into It - Ice Cube (explicit)
Yeah - Usher
Va Va Voom - Nicki Minaj
Who's that Chick - Rihanna
Sugar Free - T-ara
Play - Jolin Tsai
Boom Boom Boom - Rihanna
Anaconda - Nicki Minaj (Explicit)
Miami 2 Ibiza - Swedish House Mafia feat Tinie Tempah

EDIT: I made an 8tracks account and added a workout playlist. Check it out here
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history of k pop acc. to moonrok

So Moonrok is a new k pop site and its got this editorial section with some pretty interesting articles. Recently, there's been four articles (called chapters) on the history of k pop. Here they are for anyone who wants to read them:

The Politics of K pop: http://www.moonroknews.com/editorial/history-k-pop-chapter-1-politics-k-pop
Video Killed the Radio Star: http://moonroknews.com/editorial/history-k-pop-chapter-2-video-killed-radio-star
Seo Taiji and the Boys: http://moonroknews.com/editorial/history-k-pop-chapter-3-seo-taiji-and-boys
How Lee Soo Man's First Big Fail Resulted in Korea's Modern Pop Star System: http://moonroknews.com/editorial/history-k-pop-chapter-4-how-lee-soo-mans-first-big-fail-resulted-koreas-modern-pop-star
P.S.: I dont particularly agree or disagree with the articles. Im just sharing them for anyone who is interested! Peace.
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so this is new for me. i guess i should say something about myself?

i live in the Caribbean and i'm a big fan of boybands

i joined livejournal to follow EXO forums and share the love and stanning i have all bottled up inside me

right thats it ok

its been real

oh, EXO-M biased and my fave is Chen (Chen is my ultimate bias)

2014 EDIT: I also support Wu Yi Fan as a C-entertainer and Zhang Li Yin as a C-pop/K-pop star!
2015 EDIT: I also support Luhan and Tao

And I have a lot more biases now including Narsha from BEG, Nana from Orange Caramel, Sojin from Girl's Day and Junhui from Seventeen!
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